Excerpt 1

A young couple, 30, MICHAEL and LISA BARNES, sit across from the doctor. Lisa wrings her hands together and looks on the verge of crying as she holds back a sob. Michael stares down at his lap, helpless, as he tries to rub his wife’s back in an attempt at comfort. Aside from Lisa’s stifled sobs, the room is filled with an awkward silence. Dr. Chandell hands Michael a box of tissues.

LISA (voice shaky) Why us, doctor? Why us?

DR. CHANDELL (sitting back in his chair)

I have no answer for you, I’m afraid something is getting in the way of your conceiving.  Maybe life. Maybe God. I really don’t know. But every test we’ve done shows there’s nothing wrong. Yet here we are. For some reason, you’re simply unable to conceive. It’s rare, but it does happen. And when it does, there’s really nothing we can do. Lisa breaks out into sobs and buries herself in Michael’s shoulders. Michael looks desperate.


Excerpt 2

Gameta strode down the walkway. He was a tall man, two inches over six feet and a few pounds more over two hundred than he would like to be. He was a confident man for the most part even if the last few missions had sapped a bit of that. Not that anyone would know, he cultivated confidence in his soldiers. They saw his authority and respected him. They would follow him anywhere.

He could put passion into his words knowing that words have power. A power great enough to rally troops to go into battle knowing they would die. His problem was not his troops; it was his own beliefs in his strategies and his belief in himself that caused sleepless nights frustration and self-doubt. Five years of failure. Countless missions, billions dead. Gameta knew deep in his soul he could not conquer Avaria. Even faced with this reality, he still believed, perhaps his faith would make the difference. Good old fashioned faith. In his darkest moments, it was his faith that picked him up, energized his focus and reminded him of who he was…”I saw, I came, I conquered”.

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