This story is a Romantic Sci-Fi told in two dimensions. The Real World and Inner Space.

Real World Characters: Michael and Lisa Barnes.

Inner Space Characters:  Captain Gameta, Corporal Sam and Ham, First Lieutenant Lisa Barnes

In the Real World:  Michael and Lisa, husband and wife sit nervously in the doctor’s office waiting for results of the pregnancy test.  Unfortunately the results are the same, no pregnancy.  But why?  Both husband and wife are healthy adults and lab test reveal everything works.  This is their 5th year of trying.   Lisa’s antibodies are killing Michael’s sperm before they start their journey.

When they get home, Lisa snaps. Arguing, and screaming accusing Michael of seeking another woman who can conceive; In a rage, she packs some clothes and leaves. After some feeble attempts to change her mind, Michael gives up and watches her leave in a state of numbness. Michael has a problem. No wife, no babies, and no solutions. Now “He” must “Fight” to save his marriage…But How???

In Inner Space, inside Michael is the Corpus Cavernosum.  A large smooth and sleek vessel that can extend itself and become very wide and long when entering the terrestrial caverns of Port Va-`gi-na.  It can penetrate thousand of layers deep into the Uterustic Plateau. Its payload can carry over one billion soldiers daily for the purpose of releasing dropships to penetrate Planet Ovaria.  Repro (Reproductive System) operates this vessel and Captain Gameta is Michael’s Chief Sperm.  He speaks with authority and passion and his soldiers respect and honor him.

After hundreds of failed missions and the recent breakup and departure of his beloved First Lieutenant Lisa Barnes, Gameta is found at Joe’s Bar, (the Corpus‘s favorite watering hole) on a consistent basis using the services of Diesel and Krone, (alcohol) to face his demons. The pity party doesn’t last long before Gameta receives a message to report to HQ in two days, (Headquarters). General Leahcim has summoned him. Gameta’s knows he’s in trouble. All missions have failed, the First Lieutenant is AWOL, and no solutions, strategies, or plans to fix the problem. Pick your poison, reassignment, replacement, or retirement. He orders another drink.


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